Why Hire a Life Coach?

Why hiring a life coach may be your best next step.

Approaching the same problems with the same failed solutions won’t work.

When we have reoccurring problems, issues, or dissatisfaction in life we often attempt the same failed solutions as well. Our brains compartmentalize the answers to our struggles, trying to make them simple. Problem X + Solution Y = Problem Solved. But in life it’s not so simple.

Frequently, we default to one-size-fits-all approaches that are supposed to work—but for us they’ve only worked temporarily, or failed altogether. We’re then left believing that the lack of success is our fault.

What if the approach we’ve taken has undermined our success?

“Coaching involves listening to others, asking questions to deepen thinking, allowing others to find their own solutions and doing it all in a way that makes people feel empowered and responsible enough to take action.” Coaching Defined by Keith E. Webb

Coaching helps you exchange past, failed solutions for something that works for you because it’s owned by you. How? By digging deeper. By asking questions. By exploring core beliefs and false assumptions, simplifications and other perceptions you may have about yourself—even when they may not be accurate.

Moving forward, not backwards

Coaching helps you discover that best next step for yourself. Examining the past to fix the present doesn’t always help. If you are not experiencing deep trauma or in need of mental health intervention, coaching can be extremely valuable. Why? Because the power of coaching is the power of forward movement—no matter what the situation or issue. This means focusing on future success rather than past failures. Empowerment and self-worth are often achieved when we take one purposeful step after another. Focusing on your intentional next step provides hope.

Finding Clarity

Often a need, problem or setback must be processed. We do this by working with you to intentionally examine and identify what’s really going on so you have the clarity to address the situation successfully. Coaching helps bring order from chaos.

Life coaching with an experienced, empathetic, professional helps you attain the clarity necessary for confronting and solving your problem—or even determining when to let something go and move on. Clear, intentional forward movement comes when have the tools to process the confusion and chaos surrounding issues and relationships. In order to process, we name, acknowledge and own the issue and emotions. Why? Because things hidden in the mist are always distorted but when the light breaks through, the way forward is finally clear.

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