Hi, I’m Brenda. I help people like you move your big dream from a hope to a reality.

Big ideas can be great. But how great are they if they never happen?


I’m Brenda Saltzer, and I help ordinary people move their ideas from vision to implementation. Through the catalyst of strategic transformation, I help them end financial and relationship fatigue so they can do what they are called to do, leaving behind a lasting legacy instead of great ideas and big dreams that were never realized.

After moving near a small town in Idaho, I saw a huge need among students of the nearby universities, unborn children, and women and families in crisis. I learned so much during those years. Stepping out in faith—or as one friend put it, jumping off cliffs—we built a sustainable organization to meet those needs. With clarity of vision and by engaging people of similar hearts, we built a state-of-the-art medical clinic and family center to bring life, health, and hope to our neighbors. Everyone said it couldn’t be done.

Meeting needs, and launching great ideas takes more than dreaming. When you're ready to move forward with with substance and structure, I'm here.


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I’ve been mentoring women as they faced life and business challenges for more than 25 years. I can tell you that getting results doesn't just happen. I bring the support and expertise you need to move you and your vision from dreams and big ideas to people and organizations with legacy. Your story’s not over, but hoping isn't enough.

I'm a life-long business owner, specializing in non-profits. I help you work strategically to put in place the people and systems you need to avoid financial fatigue, find family and business balance and the competence level you desire to leave behind a legacy.

My certificate in transformational coaching is through Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. I have a degree in Business management, am certified in project management, educated in trauma informed mentoring, and have logged thousands of hours leading and promoting non-profit organizations that meet the needs of women and those they love.

I believe in providing connections among people and causes, and lighting the way forward through speaking, teaching, and partnering with you to be what you're called to be. 

And, I’m the author of a book about one woman who reimagined best in an impossible situation to get what mattered for her and her child. It's called Adopting a Family for You: A Love Story. See it on my book page. 

More info on how I can help here.

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"I am deeply grateful for the personal and professional growth I have experienced in my coaching sessions with Brenda."

Stephanie W. - Coaching Client

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