From Vision to Implementation.

Brenda Saltzer - Business Development, Consultant, Author, Transformational Coach 

What Others Say About Working With Me.

"Brenda is a proven leader who understands the importance of not only raising up a clear vision, but in leading the execution of a plan to achieve it. Brenda can help leaders do both, which is rare in our day. I would recommend leaders listen to her and gain from her experience and wisdom."

Scott Rodin
The Steward's Journey

“Brenda helped guide me to discover what I needed and wanted in my business situation. She helped me think through the circumstances and goals of my current business situation, discover my best path, and get me excited about fulfilling those goals."

Nicole Callen
Norwood Lavender

“Brenda is the best listener I’ve ever worked with. She listens to solve problems and find solutions. She puts in place ways to overcome obstacles and helps create plans and strategies to work with others and find success even in controversial setting.”

Caroline Troy
Legislator and Development Professional

“Brenda saw my potential and gave me confidence to accomplish what I hadn’t realized I could."

Jill F.

"Brenda’s thoughtful and direct questions encouraged me to see things differently. She listened and asked the hard questions allowing me to grow closer to achieving my goals.”

Karen M.

“She helped me grow in ways I didn’t know were possible, putting boundaries in place. I now have a clearer idea of what I can actually give others without losing myself.”

Cassis L.

“Brenda helped me walk through the hardest decisions for my career. She listened and we processed and identified goals. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her expertise.”

Susanne R.

Hi, I'm Brenda


I help entrepreneurs like you launch their great ideas from vision to implementation through the proven catalyst of strategic transformation and end financial fatigue.


So, how can working with me help?

From Idea to Reality

Inventory and evaluation are your first step forward. You need a clear vision to reach a clear outcome. Who are you? Where are you? Where do you need to be?

Strategic Implementation of People & Processes

No one gets beyond wishing without the processes and people in place to make your big dream function.

Build to Leave a Legacy

With the right foundation, you will leave a legacy. Make sure vision continues. Live life and business on purpose. 

Let's Get Started

How can you meet a need that demands you do something more? What's your greatest dream? I saw the need to accomplish something beyond myself also, but it wasn't heavy duty wishing and well-intentioned hard work that made it happen. It's a myth that only extraordinary people accomplish great things. Working with me is a safe and strategic place to start making your big dream a reality.

I work with you to end financial fatigue and put in place the strategic catalysts of people, processes and systems--customized to make your vision happen.