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Adopting a Family for You: A Love Story

The best kinds of stories are love stories. If you’ve ever loved a child, reached for something you couldn't grasp, or faced an impossible decision, this book is for you.


*Softcover and Hardcover version available.

Adoption Book

Thank you for the beautiful book with its lovely and healing message. It’s exactly the book I would have loved to be gifted as an adoptee child. No one in my entire life had given me a book about adoption - neither my adoptive family nor my biological family. Adopting A Family for You: A Love Story is a meaningful and touching book that tells the story for adoptees honestly and beautifully. It’s never too late for more healing and beauty to come from our stories.

Julie G

Brenda has done a tremendous job capturing a birth mom's journey into adoption through an emotional story that reflects the sacrificial love that a birth mom has for her baby as she chooses the adoptive family she gives to her baby.

Brad Imler - President of Christian Adoptions

This book beautifully illustrates the option of adoption, a mother’s gift of selfless love. May it inspire those who are wrestling with the weighty decisions of their future, and those of their child, to consider adoption as an alternative

Nurturing Village
Brenda Saltzer

Brenda Saltzer

No love story is more bittersweet and complex than the love of a birthmother placing her child into the arms of others to parent. This isn't a story of abandonment. It isn't a story of selfishness. It's the best kind of love story.

Sometimes dreams fall apart and die only to be reimagined and become unbelievably beautiful. 

Excerpted from Adopting a Family for You : A Love Story

Long before your first wiggle or giggle,
Before you were born
Like the smallest seed,
Hidden in a safe and secret place in the earth,
You were there.
Your own little person inside of me.
Just waiting to grow up and show the world your stuff.
Long before your first wiggle or giggle,
Before you were born
I began to dream for you.
And those dreams grew and grew and grew,
Just as you grew and grew inside of me.
Until all my hopes and dreams for you became so big,
They simply exploded.
I couldn’t give you the things of my dreams.
Even though I could give you life.
When other people ask about how
I adopted a family for you
When they tell me they could never do such a thing
(Sometimes they say it with frowns of disapproval)
I just smile
Because I know your story.
It’s the best kind of love story.