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You own the hour. Your goals, your dreams, your struggles, your relationships and needs are what we’ll define, reimagine, and achieve. With your expectations in mind—and because discovery and progress take time— let’s start today.

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· Package 1: 6 visits. Six, one-hour sessions with discovery and supplementary materials.
· Package 2: 10 visits. Ten, one-hour sessions with discovery and supplementary material

You have pain—you want solutions. You have goals—you want results. Whether your big dreams haven’t been realized, it’s time to live your own life, or you just want to clean up the mess, mentor consulting is a safe and powerful place to start. Consulting is not counseling, it doesn’t look back into the past. Consulting is a powerful catalyst for forward movement.

I provide: Entrepreneurial Consulting, Trauma Informed Consulting, and Deep Transitional Consulting

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You have big dreams, but they’re going nowhere. Consulting is a catalyst to make them happen.

You’re not sure where you want to be, but where you are isn’t it.

Movement in any direction seems impossible. You’ve tried it all, but nothing works.

You’re caught in a vortex that’s sucking everything down with it. Life as you’ve known it is falling apart.

Hope awaits. Discovery is calling. New beginnings are on the Horizon.

Our sessions:
It all begins with discovery. I provide the confidential empathy and expertise to help you dig down deep and find what matters to you. What’s a win? What’s next? What can you leave behind? What do you want more of? What makes you feel alive? What crushes your soul and spirit? We identify your needs and values. Then we dream.


What goals will you set? Do they belong to you, or someone else? What are your obstacles? How can you get past them? This is the time to connect your own dots and reimagine what’s best for you so you can get what matters. What does it mean for you to live your own life? What will meeting your goals look like? How will it feel? We get down to the specifics. Do you need better ways to relate to others and find balance with the people you love and work with? How can that be approached? Here’s where we make sure your life’s journey is the one you want to be on. If not, we redirect.

Forward Movement
Using our discoveries and the things we’ve clarified, it’s time to start moving. Here’s where we do what it takes to move toward getting the things that matter to you. No more imaginings and theories. You’ll have empathetic support and experienced consulting as you move forward; sometimes in giant leaps and sometimes one step at a time.

Important Information
With booking complete, your welcome packet is on its way to your inbox. Inside are the agreements, commitments, and additional information I need to make our time together truly productive. Then accept my calendar invite and start scheduling.

Our mentor/consulting relationship is strictly confidential. See you soon via Zoom, FaceTime, phone, or in person.

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6 Sessions, 10 Sessions