Refresher Package


For previous client only. Maximum 4 per year. 

Book your package below:

· 1 Refresher: $60 per individual session
· 4 Session (1 Per Quarter): $200 annual for 1 session per quarter for a year.

You have pain—you want solutions. You have goals—you want results. Whether your big dreams haven’t been realized, it’s time to live your own life, or you just want to clean up the mess, mentor coaching is a safe and powerful place to start. Coaching is not counseling, it doesn’t look back into the past. Coaching is a powerful catalyst for forward movement.

I provide: Entrepreneurial Coaching, Trauma Informed Coaching and Deep Transitional Coaching

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Important Information
With booking complete, your welcome packet is on its way to your inbox. Inside are the agreements, commitments, and additional information I need to make our time together truly productive. Then accept my calendar invite and start scheduling.

Our mentor/coaching relationship is strictly confidential. See you soon via zoom, FaceTime, phone, or in person.

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1 Refresher, 4 Refreshers (1 per quarter)